New to Yoga


New to Yoga? Welcome!

Firstly, what’s in a name? Moksha (Moke-shaw) is the Sanskrit word for FREEDOM.

The Moksha series is based on a series of 42 postures done in succession in a heated room. The series was meticulously designed using yoga therapy techniquies for the greatest physical benefit and natural flow of the asanas (postures). The Moksha series is accessible to all levels, beginner to advanced and can be easily modified for any body or injury.  There is a 30 minute standing series followed by a 30 minute floor series.

Our studio has a wonderful introductory offer. For $40 you can you try Moksha Yoga for 30 consecutive days. This will allow you to see how fitting yoga into your busy schedule makes your life and your body feel better. They say, ” If you make time for yoga, yoga makes time for you”.

We recommend that you register and purchase online by clicking here.

Please fill out the waiver online here

We recommend to arrive 15-20 minutes before class. Arriving early will give you a chance to get changed, talk with your teacher about any concerns or injuries you may have, and get settled in and relaxed before your class. For a list of what to bring with you, click here.

Accessories to Rent:
Yoga Mat (rental) $2.00
Towels (rental) $2.00

Filtered water available to fill up your reusable bottle!