Body Talk

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Today we are beginning to understand that the state of our general mental health is as important as the state of our physical health. Most of us have some common knowledge how to maintain our physical health. We eat right, work out, take nutritional supplements , drink lots of water etc. But what basic knowledge do we have about keeping our mental health maintained?

Your yoga practice is a great example of how to connect your mental and physical bodies and a great way to maintain mental and physical health.

Body talk is a modality that is also a great way to maintain your mental and physical health. It allows for the quieting of the mind and then the listening to the body. It taps into each person’s unique innate intelligence by means of biofeedback and then helps re-establish clear communication between all the systems and body parts. Body talk uses tapping as a way to integrate these new communication pathways into the bodymind. It is a safe non-invasive way to bring calm and clarity to our stressed out and exhausted minds and energy and better functioning of the physical body.

Arlene uses this and many other healing modalities to bring about the feeling of deep relaxation in each personalized session. In this way, the innate wisdom and healing function inherent in the body is enhanced on all it’s levels allowing for a balanced feeling in all–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.