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Rod Spence

I came to yoga in 2008 during my second year of university. I was doing a degree in literature and history at Concordia University in Montreal, and a minor in French.  Needless to say there was a lot of time spent in my head, a lot of essay-sittings with bad posture, and many days of irregular hours.

On a whim to deal with school stress and the demands of restaurant work, I tried out a yoga class with Lisa Griffin.  By my second sun salutations, yoga and her guidance connected something in me that had been almost severed.  I saw how she and all my yoga teachers help reestablish that key to the balance of our mind, body, and breath–new or experienced students alike.

Since then I’ve maintained a practice with many different teachers and studios in Montreal, Toronto, and Stratford.  That’s not to say during the past eight years I didn’t have my months when it was impossible to commit to yoga consistently, but I knew I could always come back when the time felt natural.  Through yoga I can always refind my centre.

I’ve seen many inspired yet differing approaches to yoga–all compelling, all unique.  One constant with all teachers is the ability to nurture love and health for anyone’s body and mind.  The instructors at Moksha Stratford are each models of this love, intelligence, and talent.  I look forward to studying with them after my 30-day intensive in Montreal so that I give back to this great community.  Equally I look forward with great excitement and love to discovering teaching yoga beside you all, the beautifuul community of Moksha Stratford.